Dene Adams Corset Review

Great Corset for ladies concealed carry


Dene Adams Corset Review

Corchic : '/'korsheek/:  A woman's close-fitting supporting undergarment, smart, elegant and sophisticated method of carry.     


The design and company is run by a mother and NRA Certified Instructor. Anna Henry was raised in a traditional American pro-gun light. Her grandfather believed; "There is no such thing as a gun accident. Guns should be respected and not feared and when treated with respect, guns can be an integral part of our daily life."                                                               After seeing the photos of the tasteful femine lace corset, I knew I needed one. Yes, need in the definition of want. I glanced at the offered styles and picked my passion. I ordered, "The Blonde," it seemed fitting being one. The manufactor states it takes 10-12 days to receive your order. It took 10 days for mine to arrive. I did the touchdown dance until I was inside. As I opened the package anxiously, the colored wrapping paper it was in showed the care taken shipping it out. I easily put on the corset. I started from bottom attaching the eye hooks.     The first thing I noticed instantly was the comfort of the corset is outstanding. Second is once I put the corset, on my posture improved instantly. I'm thinking even if I'm not carrying in it, I should wear the corset for posture! Not carrying in it, hee hee. Ladies the corset is as stunning on you, as in the photos. I was impressed with how the overall corset was so well made. It's a sturdy solid piece with reinforced eye hooks. I wore a simple tank top out for my 1st review run. Even with a loose fitting tank you cannot see the corset shape or firearm underneath it. I added my Sig P238, it sucked into the corset like it wasn't there! It's still summer here with temperatures in the high nineties. The corset is recommended to be worn when it is comfortable for you wearing jeans without being hot. I noticed after a few hours the corset made my body temperature a bit higher. The corset does have the wicking properties in the material. You may wash in a machine but must hang to dry. I went ahead and took it off until a cooler day. I wore a regular tee shirt my next wear. I was fortunate enough to be able to wear it throughout the day. After half a day, I was used to having the overall pull on my back and stomach. The corset gave me a shaper figure underneath the tee. You could not see the shape of the firearm or corset in the tee. I had a school function my third wear day. I wore a dress shirt with silky-like material. This day I had to wear the corset without my firearm while at the school. Again throughout my day, (I had multiple people confirm this) you could not tell I was wearing the corset or carrying. Ladies once you wear it all day long and take it off, you do feel as if everything just springs out! My fourth day I decided to have a bit of change. I carried a compact 9mm in the corset with a fully loaded magazine on the opposite side. The corset comes standard with a left and right pocket. I honestly didn't notice the weight difference with both sides full. The corset had no problems hiding the 9mm or magazine. By day five of wearing it, I was finally getting used to the corset feeling while sitting down. I ran into the issue of the corset rolling under at top and bottom. Once standing I had to unroll it back to to lay flat on both ends in the front. Being my torso is shorter than normal, it causes the corset to do this when I sit? This is what customer service told me the issue was. I even tried a size larger to make sure it wasn't due to me ordering a wrong size. It will definitely be my pick if I need to be a tad more shapely for an outfit!            ~Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra

Originally Published Sep. 22nd 2015


I try to give back to the womens shooting industry by sharing knowledge I acquired along the way. I am a SC Certified Instructor for our states... more »

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