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Pink & Black — You Can't Beat That!  (SCCY Industries CPX-1)

It's not always wonderful if your hubby, dad, or another buys you a pistol or rifle. You must ALWAYS pick out the particular model for yourself! It doesn't help much if you get that new pistol and cannot rack the slide, or — my personal favorite— is not being able to properly grip the pistol because it is too big for your hands. A gun is like a pair of shoes, it has to be the right fit. The CPX-1 model comes with a manual safety, whereas the CPX-2 comes without a manual safety. Either CPX model is a compact 9mm double action pistol that includes a ten round magazine. The CPX-1 pistol comes from the factory in the two-tone colors pink/black or pink/chrome. The SCCY firearms are made in the USA! My CPX-1 review model is the pink and black. The pink color looks more to be of a light raspberry pink. Being that I'm not a “pink” girl, I can tolerate the color! The CPX-1 arrived in a box with a trigger guard lock and two keys, the standard 1st round fired, two magazines, two extra magazine ends, and a great owners manual. This model has a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED"  lifetime warranty that stays with the firearm. Umm, excuse me, but WOW!  Why are there not more things in this world held to this standard?  It also has an optional TR10 laser by ArmaLaser that can be added. The CPX-1 has  adjustable rear sights, and an ambidextrous manual safety,  which is a major plus for this lefty. I had no problem flipping the safety off to fire & gripping the gun with one hand.  This is one of my major “tests” or preferences that the CPX-1 passed. I did have to use my other hand to place it back on safety. On any double action that I am carrying concealed, I prefer having a manual safety. Keep in mind, you never totally depend on a safety. Another feature I really like is the ergonomic finger grooves on the frame, along with the slightly textured grip. Both help make a more secure grip in my hand/s. The adjustable rear sights are round, white, and are adjusted with 1/16" allen wrench. The front sight is fixed and a smaller white round dot. (I prefer Tritium night sights for any of my pistols. My sight isn't the best and this is just a personal preference. Tritium night sights are self illuminating and provide a glowing dot that you can see in low light or darkness.) The slide and barrel are both stainless steel, which I prefer for durability.  I've always been the type to want to shoot big calibers, so of course I want to carry a larger caliber than a .380 for concealed carry. My issue is that at 5' nothing and 125 pounds, a larger caliber is not easy for me to conceal comfortably. I always carry on my front hip on my firing or draw side. DeSantis makes holsters for the CPX-1 with and without the laser. I chose a soft flexible leather holster by Blackhawk that molds to the gun. This made my 2-week trial carry comfortable and kept the gun secure. This model weighs 21.40 ounces with a magazine loaded with 115 grain ammo. Throughout my trial, I had no discomfort with the weight, whatsoever! I'm very impressed with the rounded contours of the gun and how it fit nicely to my frame. First, I glanced over the gun manual, and then disassembled it somewhat easily. You have to use a flat head screwdriver or the lip of a spent round to put into the hole to pull out the disassembly pin. Then the barrel slides off quite easily. I was able to break down the rest of the gun without any issues. It went back together without problems, although it took me a minute to re-insert the disassembly pin. I think this was due to being unfamiliar with the disassembly pin breakdown or…being blonde?! The CPX-1 fits nicely in one hand or both of my hands. I like the magazine end changeout options that are included for carrying or shooting. The CPX-1 is quite a comfortable double-stack for my small hand/s. Loading the ten round magazine was easy, even being new. (Over time, magazines tend to get easier to load when the spring breaks in a bit.)  Next I loaded the ten round magazine, flipped the safety off, and racked a round into the chamber. The CPX-1 racked quite easily and it wasn't hard to lock the chamber open. And Off they GO! (The 10 rounds in the chamber, that is!) The trigger pull is quite long (9lbs of pull) and requires more finger strength than I desire. The recoil was a bit more than usual on a 9mm. This is a trade-off for it being made of the lighter polymer for easier carry. A very satisfactory trade-off, in my eyes! My first impression of my accuracy and reliability with the CPX-1 was that it's what I personally require with a defensive concealed carry. I shot at the 3ft., 5ft., 7ft., & 12ft. range.  I did standard point shooting (not using the sights— just pointing and firing at my target) up to 5ft. There were no malfunctions or stoppages during my trial. My consistency and groupings were great for my first time firing the CPX-1. I am more than satisfied with the shooting performance of the CPX-1. Yes! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I just found a 9mm in two-tone pink to carry! Even if just for the colder months, then great! I did have to pay attention to the way I dressed (No snug fitting shirts) in order to conceal the larger frame.

I would highly recommend the CPX-1 to females on a budget with a smaller frame or small hands. I don't think you can find a better overall preference match for the price. The highest price I found on this pre-order model was $299.00. SCCY Industries is looking to have both pink two-toned models available by October 2014. A sincere "Thank You" to SCCY Industries for adding a colored pistol for women, but for future reference, we like more than just the color pink!  ;) Sincerely, my best, Tarra Stoddard Director of PR at TAWS

Originally Published Sep. 9th 2015


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