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So how many of you brush your teeth and put on anti-persperant every day?  Probably all of us, and we do it for prevention of cavities and wanting to smell nice!  

So why don't we do a better job of learning how to protect ourselves?  More and more there are stories in the news about women being attacked.  Whether by lethal or non-leathal means, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves when 911 won't be there in time!

I took a personal protection class last summer and the thing that hit me hardest, was that I'm very lucky nothing has ever happened to me in the past!!  Since then, I have had a few more classes - concealed carry, situational awareness - and I've signed up for another one!  I also now carry a taser with me and am working on my "house plan" - what to do at each stage of either coming home or being at home and someone tries to break in or attack me.  I am also planning on getting my concealed carry license.

The class I took last summer was from Al Horner who has a program called "Not Me".  Al is a former Navy Seal and successful businessman and started this program for a friends daughter - and it has grown!  Based out of Eden Prairie, MN (Minneapolis), he is passionate about this program and protecting women everywhere!  He would rather the women learn to protect themselves by preventing an attack or know how to stop an attack and get away...than the alternative of support after it's already happened.  

It was very eye-opening and helpful to being aware of what's out there.  He has both an on-line class and can also come to your location for training.  Its a VERY interactive class and blunt (which is a good thing)!

He also has a program for the younger children - Not Me Youth - which helps parents teach their children to identify when "touching" is okay...and not okay!

My personal feeling is you can never have enough training and you have to learn how take care of yourself!  Find a class near you!  It's worth every penny!

Originally Published Aug. 15th 2016

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    Maggie Boineau 7 years ago
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    I totally agree! Being aware of your surroundings is a good start, but having training is what is important! Thanks for keeping this topic fresh!

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