GameSkinny RSS Feed Personal Protection on GameSkinny. en Guild Launch, LLC Not Me! Personal Protection Training So how many of you brush your teeth and put on anti-persperant every day?  Probably all of us, and we do it for prevention of cavities and wanting to smell nice!  

So why don't we do a better job of learning how to protect ourselves?  More and more there are stories in the news about women being attacked.  Whether by lethal or non-leathal means, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves when 911 won't be there in time!

I took a personal protection class last summer and the thing that ...

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Comfort-Air Bodyband by Telor Tactical TODAY, there are more and more women and men who choose to conceal carry. As a woman who conceal carries myself, often times it is hard to find just the right holster that offers safety, comfort and allows you to wear normal clothing without the holster PRINTING. The Comfort-Air Bodyband, by Telor Tactical, not only gave me safety and comfort, but after wearing and testing it for weeks, I found it was better than most of the others because it is made with medical grade materials. This ...

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Dene Adams Corset Review Dene Adams Corset Review

Corchic : '/'korsheek/:  A woman's close-fitting supporting undergarment, smart, elegant and sophisticated method of carry.     


The design and company is run by a mother and NRA Certified Instructor. Anna Henry was raised in a traditional American pro-gun light. Her grandfather believed; "There is no such thing as a gun accident. Guns should be respected and not feared and when treated with respect, guns can be an integral part of our daily life."             ...

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Vixen Concealed Tank Review Review on "The Vixen Tank" made by Gunpowder & Lace LLC.

The Vixen tank top is a spandex blend material. It is a reversible underarm draw that comes in light or firm support. The firm support top banishes bulge with specialized compression panels. The decorative lace accents allow the Vixen to be worn underneath clothing as a pop of color or even as the main piece. The Vixen comes in black and white colors. Sizes range from small to 4X. The cost is $44.99, plus tax. I wore the light ...

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Stealthgear Onyx Holster Review  Stealthgear Onyx Holster Review 

 I've always known that looks can be deceiving. When I received the Stealthgear Onyx Holster for my Sig P238, my first thought was "it's quite large and bulky"! I must say, it is the U.F.O of holsters.  True to doing a fair review on the holster, I opted to dismiss those immediate thoughts. I wear my gun appendix style. The first plus for the Onyx is that it has an adjustable cant. I happened to luck out-- the cant was set for me to draw smoothly. The ...

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Warrior Creek Pack Review       Let Me Count The Ways   

      (Warrior Creek Pack Review)

 The Warrior Pack is a new style of concealed-carry purse that  features an adjustable strap system that allows you to change the way you carry to suit your outfit, occasion, or mood! The Warrior Pack and Sassy Pack allow eight different ways to carry. Use the pack as a purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, protected purse,  handbag, backpack, fanny pack or messenger bag. The Warrior Creek Pack comes with its own dust ...

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Designer Concealed Carry - Kate Woolstenhulme As the force behind Designer Concealed Carry I am honored to be featured in the first issue of a three part series that WSJ is presenting on "top women in the firearms industry - business, law enforcement, govt officials".  Kate Woolstenhulme 

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