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There should be a shooting etiquette rulebook for Southern women! One of the top rules should be that each woman should own a shotgun that fits her properly.


There should be a "Shooting Etiquette Rulebook" for Southern women. One of the top rules should be that each woman should own a ladies shotgun that fits them properly. The shotgun should reflect the style and grace of the woman. CZ's Lady Sterling 12 Gauge Shotgun would do this well. Just seeing the stylish Lady Sterling made me grin. The Turkish Walnut stock (made for a woman to properly mount it on her shoulder) reflects our female curves. This new stock design gives us the ability to hold our head up like royalty with our eyes towards the prize. In the era I was taught to use a shotgun, there was no such thing as a "ladies'" firearm. I was raised on a hog farm in Dearing, GA. At the age of seven, I was carrying a shotgun with me on my daily adventures. I saddled up my Palomino horse every morning while standing on a wooden box in the barn. I was told to be home before dark for dinner. The water moccasins in Georgia were the stuff of nightmares. They would chase you by zooming out of the water, onto the red dirt roads. The "Walking Dead" zombies had nothing on these fast, sidewinding biters! They could only be stopped by a well-placed garden hoe or bullet. My second lesson with shotguns was to put dinner on the  table. I learned the art of hunting when I could sit longer than thirty minutes without having "ants in my pants". Fast forward to the  present, and why I'd love to win the CZ Lady Sterling 12 gauge  Shotgun. I'm a Wife, Mom, Hunter, & Shooter. I'm a Protector, 2nd Amendment Defender, & Firearms Instructor in my community. I teach an 8 hour course to those in my community who want to earn a CWP. The cost for the course is the lowest I can charge for the class and paperwork, so I can give back to my community. I help the womens shooting industry by volunteering for the magazine, "The American Woman Shooter".  The magazine focuses on all diversities of shooting in the women's industry, along with self-defense, home defense and awareness. It also covers products on the market designed for women, focuses on training, and highlights women in the industry who are making a difference. In the magazine, we add a touch of "concealed carry style", and it's a great well rounded protection magazine. I give back for the most part because it is fulfilling to me. It would be nice for karma to bless me with a shotgun to put food on my table and have a bit of skeet fun.  

Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra 

Originally Published Sep. 26th 2015


I try to give back to the womens shooting industry by sharing knowledge I acquired along the way. I am a SC Certified Instructor for our states... more »

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