Am I wearing the right shoes for this?

My video of Julianna going through her 3-gun stage.


It's the age old question...what do I wear?  

And when it comes to hunting and shooting, that questions becomes even more complicated!  So I thought I would start a series and get some tips from the ladies in the shooting, hunting and sporting world.

Let's start with footwear...

First and foremost, dress for the weather!  In some situations, style over function may seem like a good idea, but if you look good, but are totally miserable, then it takes away from the whole experience.  That goes for being too cold or too hot!

I'll start with Sporting Clays as this is my area of expertise.  In the winter, warmth and comfort are key, so hiking boots, tall rubber boots in wet weather, cowboy boots with thick socks and even tall boots tucked into your jeans are both functional and stylish.  I found these from Bedstu last year and they are awesome!  I like the Manchester but there are some great styles here.  

In warm weather shooting, I prefer open-toed shoes as I would rather have a flip-flop tan than totally white feet.  My favorite are the Under Armour style that have a cushioned soul - great for being on your feet all day (and you can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty).  Lots of ladies wear running shoes also but if you need to wear dress shoes for work, it really makes for an awful tan.  I have bought mine at Bass Pro Shops in the past and they also have lots of great ladies shoes for the outdoors! 

Desirae Edmunds - current Ladies National Sporting Clays Champion always wears Nike Air Max tennis shoes as they give her good support and come in all kinds of color combos!

For the game of FITASC, you are required to wear close-toed shoes - tennis shoes, deck shoes - as long as they aren't flip-flops you're covered.

American Skeet and ATA Trap are similar as there aren't any restrictions on closed or open toed for events.  

3-gun shooter and founder of A Girl and a Gun - Julianna Crowder - likes her Solomons with a good tread.  When moving through the stages of the event you don't want to be unsure about your footing.

Avid quail hunter and sporting clays shooter Lucy Millar says she never leaves home without her Dubarry boots.  They are comfortable, sturdy and will keep your feet dry when walking the fields.  I have a pair of LaCrosse boots that live on the back of my truck that have kept my feet warm and dry on too many occasions to count.

Combining fashion and function to look good and be comfortable is important to keep you on your game.



Originally Published Apr. 8th 2015

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