Can Can Corset

Great for pulling it all together while concealed carrying! The American Woman Shooter Approved 3 Stars!!!


Can Can Concealment has released a brand new slimming corset made for  concealing 2 large firearms and a magazine. The flexible design works  for both right or left kidney carry. It also holds my smaller Sig P238  perfectly with a extra magazine in the ribbon magazine pocket. The corset is quite pretty with red stitching and ribbon. The curves made with the stitching are flattering for all body types. The corset is made with tank top style shoulder straps for additional comfort. The black  tank has a delicate flower pattern and is made of stretchy material, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. The corset’s heavy duty  zipper is located in the front, making it easy to take on and off. The base of the corset is standard 6" military grade elastic to securely  hold your firearms in place. It is designed in a longer length to cover the top of your hips. Now you can carry your firearms securely with the Can Can Corset!

Sincerely, my best to you,Tarra

Originally Published Sep. 9th 2015


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