GameSkinny RSS Feed Hunting on GameSkinny. en Guild Launch, LLC Wading through dark, murky water and then..... It was to be my third duck hunt at DW Outdoors Mallard Preserve, in Mullins, SC and it became very obvious the first two were very tame compared to this one!  This was the real deal… I was wading through dark, murky waters before daylight unaware of all the perils such as unexpected tree roots, and sudden drop-offs.  I held on to my new 12 gauge Benelli for dear life fearful I would fall into the water and ruin it.  I had no idea when my husband instructed me to go out and buy chest waders ...

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Oh S- -T! ... A Tick -ick!!!!!!! As a rabid turkey hunter, I take to the woods like its my job.  I never turn down an opportunity to go turkey hunting.   My husband and I got a great invite to a friends “cabin” which turned out to be more like the mac daddy of all hunting cabins located just north of Columbia, SC.    The property is absolutely gorgeous and the turkeys are plentiful.  We had an incredible morning watching a huge turkey strutting for hours but he would not respond to our calls.   That afternoon my husband ...

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The Bearded Lady Going Home…

Turkey hunting season had been over in SC for almost a month, but not in PA where the season ended on May 31st. I planned to visit my family Memorial Day Weekend in northeastern Pa and of course, to hunt turkeys. I was born and  grew up in Pa, but have resided in SC for most of my life.   Since I did not take a bird this year in SC, I was eager to have a successful hunt. I took care of getting my Non- Resident PA Spring Turkey License and was intently looking forward to hunting ...

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Be out-STAND-ing this Hunting Season!
  • Leave all your jewelry at home. Nothing shiny and nothing noisy.

  • Minimize your make up especially mascara. Mascara makes your eyelashes too long to properly use the scope. I use unscented tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and eye liner just in case you end up in a photo.
  • Deer have extremely good sense of smell. Eliminate as many odors from clothes and gear. There are tons of scent killers you can use including detergents and sprays for clothes and shoes.
  • Check your stand for ...
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    Getting Ready to Bowhunt  

    Opening day of archery bull elk and archery buck deer are less than 20 days away here in Oregon. This will be my first year bowhunting. I wanted to share some of the things that I have learned over the last year while I have been practicing and preparing for my first year bowhunting.

    If you are new to bowhunting, find a reputable pro-shop that has bows you can shoot. Do not buy a bow just because you like how it looks. You might not like the draw cycle or other aspects of shooting that ...

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    What to do when you gotta the woods! Ok,  let’s face it…. girls have a distinct disadvantage when nature calls and you are no where near a bathroom.  So what are your options?  For me, I clearly know the necessity of keeping hydrated in hot or cold weather.

    Here are some good tips:

    • Substitute coconut water for bottled water on hunting days.    Coconut water is highly nutritious and hydrating. Unlike sports beverages, coconut water is low in carbohydrates, while still rich in potassium. I love Harvest Bay– it has 35 ...
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    Franchi's Affinity 20 gauge Shotgun Franchi's Affinity 20 gauge Shotgun Review                    (Max-5)   


    As I first picked up the Affinity Shotgun, the quote "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" came to mind. The light weight, along with the shotgun's  perfect balance was  immediately noticeable. It has a 26" barrel, and empty, the Affinity weighs 5.6 pounds. For me the light weight  is a huge benefit over all other shotguns. In the Real Max-5 pattern the Affinity is a sleek, good-looking piece of machinery. It ...

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    Learning How to "Gear Up" for Hunting  Learning how to "Gear Up" for Hunting 

    So you've decided you'd like to try out hunting. There are a few things you'll need to do before you "gear up" and get out in the woods. Your journey should begin prior to hunting season. Most states require that you take a hunter education course. This will not only familiarize you with the gun aspect, but the game in your area. Another great outlet for women who would like to learn to hunt is Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW). They offer ...

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    Heart of Texas hunting Come on out to Caney Creek, we are family oriented and super friendly!!  We love what we do and when you come your family, not a customer.  When you come you will feel at home no matter if you are shooting clays, hunting, or at a special event.  

    We offer white tailed deer, exotics, hogs, night vision hunts, and fishing on e pond.  We have 600 acres and guest rooms in our lodge.  Come on out and we will take care of you.

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    5 Star Expeditions 5 star expeditions is a premiere booking agency that organizes international hunting trips to top destinations. We love to cater to avid lady hunters. Our company takes pride in making your trip to fit your expectations and desires. and ask for Malorie!

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    Próis® High Plains Brush Pants From the WON:

    The fit, finish and functionality of Próis® High Plains Brush Pants are so phenomenal, when you try them on, you’ll wish the company made jeans too. Made for women hunters, by women hunters, these upland game hunting pants are designed for the female form.

    Made for women hunters, by women hunters, these upland game hunting pants are designed for the female form. 

    No more ill-fitting youth or men’s pants, these are made to accommodate our bodies. And, it gets even better: no ...

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