GameSkinny RSS Feed Gun Ownership on GameSkinny. en Guild Launch, LLC CZ Shotgun Giveaway Article There should be a "Shooting Etiquette Rulebook" for Southern women. One of the top rules should be that each woman should own a ladies shotgun that fits them properly. The shotgun should reflect the style and grace of the woman. CZ's Lady Sterling 12 Gauge Shotgun would do this well. Just seeing the stylish Lady Sterling made me grin. The Turkish Walnut stock (made for a woman to properly mount it on her shoulder) reflects our female curves. This new stock design gives us the ability to ...

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SCCY CPX - 1 Review Pink & Black — You Can't Beat That!  (SCCY Industries CPX-1)

It's not always wonderful if your hubby, dad, or another buys you a pistol or rifle. You must ALWAYS pick out the particular model for yourself! It doesn't help much if you get that new pistol and cannot rack the slide, or — my personal favorite— is not being able to properly grip the pistol because it is too big for your hands. A gun is like a pair of shoes, it has to be the right fit. The CPX-1 model comes with a manual ...

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Can Can Corset Can Can Concealment has released a brand new slimming corset made for  concealing 2 large firearms and a magazine. The flexible design works  for both right or left kidney carry. It also holds my smaller Sig P238  perfectly with a extra magazine in the ribbon magazine pocket. The corset is quite pretty with red stitching and ribbon. The curves made with the stitching are flattering for all body types. The corset is made with tank top style shoulder straps for additional comfort. The black  ...

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Comp-Tac Victory Gear Review Comp-Tac Victory Gear Review

I ordered the Comp-tac Black Leather Tapered Belt, the International Holster, and a Double Magazine Holder. The turn-around time was less than two weeks to recieve my complete order. I wore the belt and gear during a recent USPSA match. The stability of the reinforced leather belt was outstanding! It held the International Holster and two Double Magazine Holders securely in place. There was absolutely no slippage or movement from either holster. The tapered ...

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Bond Arms Derringer Texas Defender Bond Arms Texas Defender Review

When you think of guns from the "Wild West", a Derringer is always on the list. For such a simple gun, it has a huge presence. I was  excited to see the changes from the antique Derringer "pocket pistol" (which I inherited from my papa) to the modern Bond Arms Derringer guns. I'm reviewing their Texas Defender with .22, 38, & 45 interchangeable barrel systems. The Bond Arms Texas Defender Pistol features a 3" barrel with a satin stainless steel finish and  ...

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Win a CZ-USA Lady Sterling 12 Gauge Shotgun CZ-USA has generously offered one of their CZ Lady Sterling 12 gauge, 28” barrels, and Monte Carlo stock for female dimensions as a giveaway. This fantastic shotgun is specifically built for the average woman.

Value: $1,281.00

Rules of the giveaway:

1. Write a story on Gunvana and provide a picture of why you want/need a ladies shotgun. Here are some questions to help you with your story. 

  • What shotgun do you use currently? 
  • What are the pros and cons about it?
  • Who owns the gun you ...
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Get your "Women's Outdoor News" here! Well actually, get it right from the WON - Women's Outdoor News site. Barbara Baird has created a great resource for interviews and stories about ladies in the outdoors!  She's got Shooting, Hunting, Fishing and Adventure - sign up for their emails so you can see what the women are doing in the sports we love!  There are so many great stories to share!  Of course, I would love for all the ladies give it an additional recommendation on Gunvana to do all we can to network and share the power ...

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Does a left handed shotgun stock really matter? I get this question a lot and with a resounding YES, it really does matter. I would equate it to wearing your shoes on the wrong feet - wouldn't feel right.  And what about scissors - have you ever tried to cut with left-handed scissors?  It's not impossible but it sure isn't pretty!

For reference, I shot right-handed up through my 30's, as I am right-handed. Once I started shooting competitive Sporting Clays, knowing that I am cross-eye dominant, I started to consider switching.  After ...

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Lady's Blaser F3 Have no fear, switching from an auto to an over/under!  The Lady Blaser comes with a recoil reducer from Bump Buster--fully adjustable for length of pull and amount of recoil you can tolerate.  Also comes with a 4-way adjustable comb, and smaller palm swell.  Fully customizable, right out of the box!

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Sherri's home protection guns I recommend the Smith & Wesson "bodyguard" because of the laser site!  It puts a red dot on your target...great for home protection. For a bigger gun for home protection I recommend the "defender", this is a big gun, and when filled with buck shot, will stop your target...even through the door if need be.

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