Bond Arms Derringer Texas Defender

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Bond Arms Texas Defender Review

When you think of guns from the "Wild West", a Derringer is always on the list. For such a simple gun, it has a huge presence. I was  excited to see the changes from the antique Derringer "pocket pistol" (which I inherited from my papa) to the modern Bond Arms Derringer guns. I'm reviewing their Texas Defender with .22, 38, & 45 interchangeable barrel systems. The Bond Arms Texas Defender Pistol features a 3" barrel with a satin stainless steel finish and  rosewood grips. This pistol is quite a beauty. It comes standard with a trigger guard, crossbolt safety, blade-front and fixed rear  sights, along with a spring-loaded cammed locking lever. It is made in the USA!

The first thing I noticed on the TD is the high quality  of the stainless steel. There is a huge weight difference and overall thickness of the stainless steel. The patented spring loaded “rapid reload lever” allows the barrels to swing upward for loading and unloading. The crossbolt safety works in the direction opposite of most crossbolt safeties. Instead of pushing from the right side of the gun to the left to fire, the Bond safety is pushed from left to right. (Which is great for this lefty). When this is done, there is a red ring visible on the right side crossbolt portion indicating  “fire.” If you need to de-cock the gun, the safety can be pushed on and the hammer strike will be blocked from contact with the firing pin. 

I read the manual to learn the change-out process of the barrels.  Incredibly, it only takes a few seconds to change the barrel. It's as easy as unscewing the connection bolt on the barrel, and screwing in the new one with an Allen Wrench. Bond Derringer grips are designed to distribute recoil over the large surface of the palm of the hand, which explains why after firing the 45 one-handed, I was still holding the pistol! As I shot, I drew multiple people around me that were interested in this gun. Talk about a fun gun to shoot! My smile never left my face.

Guns vary in power, control, and comfort. The Texas Defender gets a plus in each of these departments. For ultimate power, you can shoot 45's with it. As far as the control, it's extremely accurate. I was dead on with my accuracy up to 10ft. (Being a single action, two shot, accuracy was one of my main concerns.) For comfort, I shot each caliber one-handed, with no issues. I was fully expecting more recoil on the higher calibers. The Texas Defender only weighs 20  ounces and is 5" in length with the 45 barrel. It was very comfortable to conceal carry. For those with issues about it only being a two-shot, Bond Arms makes a holster that holds extra rounds.MSRP’s on Bond Arms Derringers are in the $500 range depending on model. They are well worth the price and last a lifetime.  Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra  What makes the Bond Arms Derringer Handguns special? Rebounding-and-locking hammer: A first for derringers.  The hammer automatically jumps back and locks into a half-cocked position for safety. A Simple Barrel-locking mechanism that is spring loaded and eases opening and closing of the barrels for quick reloading and cleaning. Heavy-duty stainless steel components for a lifetime of service;  Precision Machined parts for consistent fit;  A full line of  interchangeable barrels Handmade in Texas

Lifetime Warranty Manufacturer Warranty (general): Lifetime

Rear  Sight: Fixed Type: Centerfire Front Sight: Blade Magazine  Capacity: 2Metal Finish: Stainless steel Action: SingleProduct  Weight: 20oz. Handedness: Ambidextrous  Caliber: .410

Manufacturer   Warranty - General: LifetimeBarrel  Length (in.): 3Style: PistolGrip: Rosewood

Originally Published Sep. 9th 2015


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