DIVA W.O.W. (Women Outdoors Worldwide)

Rain or Shine, hot or COLD...the DIVA Clinics go on!


I joined the "Texas DIVAS" in 1999 when there were only 50 of us.  What a great connection to find all these great women who loved to shoot!

Fast forward 16 years and there are hundreds of ladies shooting and they are now DIVA W.O.W. with the WOW standing for Women Outdoors Worldwide.  Founded by Judy Rhodes, she's been the driving force of this organization since the beginning.  Penni Nelson is their current President.

One of my favorite things about the DIVAS is their spring and fall clinics.  They host 150 ladies for introduction to shotgun, pistol, rifle, flyfishing and archery.  If I had a dollar for every women that said "OMG that was so much fun" I probably wouldn't have to work.  We estimated that approximately 80% of the clinic attendees were first time shooters. 

They've also added pistol leagues and also more clinics in other diciplines.  There are also several hunts to sign up for throughout the year.  I met some of my most favorite women in the whole world in this group!!  

While most of the events are based in the DFW area they do have events all around Texas.  Also be sure to check out their annual fall trip - it's always a great time!  

Check out their website at

Originally Published Jun. 14th 2015

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