Win a CZ-USA Lady Sterling 12 Gauge Shotgun

Write why you deserve a Lady Sterling shotgun fit for a woman and you could win it.


CZ-USA has generously offered one of their CZ Lady Sterling 12 gauge, 28” barrels, and Monte Carlo stock for female dimensions as a giveaway. This fantastic shotgun is specifically built for the average woman.

Value: $1,281.00

Rules of the giveaway:

1. Write a story on Gunvana and provide a picture of why you want/need a ladies shotgun. Here are some questions to help you with your story. 

  • What shotgun do you use currently? 
  • What are the pros and cons about it?
  • Who owns the gun you shoot now?
  • Can you make changes to the stock? If not, why?
  • What is your ideal shotgun?
  • Why do you want this shotgun?
  • What would you do with this shotgun? 
  • Why do you feel you deserve this new shotgun?

Remember, stories are meant to entertain in some way, make reading your story interesting and engage your audience! Include pictures and videos as much as you find applicable.

2. If you don't already have one, sign in to and create a user name and password.  Click on the Pencil Icon next to the heart to get started.

3.  Write and Publish your story and use the tag "CZGiveaway" in the right-hand side of the Bonus Points tab. (we will only consider submissions with this tag!) 

4. Share your story on social media! Community reactions and comments are a sign of a good story.

5. Bonus – to increase your chances of winning, write additional articles, reviews or news about anything gun, hunting or shooting for women and post them on  Each submission will earn an additional entry.

6. Entry period will start June 22, 2015 and end September 30, 2015.

7. Drawing will be held within 2 weeks of end date.

8. Winner will be notified and then will need to provide a local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) or gunshop that can accept the firearm and fill out the appropriate background information to release the gun to you.

9. Winner is responsible for any transfer charges with the FFL (typically between $20-$50).

Originally Published Jun. 22nd 2015

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  • 1
    Steamboat 7 years ago
    Lynne, can the men write an article about why their wife or significant other needs or wants the shotgun? Steamboat
  • 19
    Lynne_GreenGirl 7 years ago
    Featured Contributor
    While I can't stop the men for posting for the women...I would really like to hear from the ladies themselves...
  • 11
    Tarra Stoddard 7 years ago
    Challenge accepted! I just added a few articles for extra credit! Now to find the time to write an article for the contest. I appreciate the opportunity!

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