Top 10 items in my gun bag for Sporting Clays


While there are lots of things that can go in your bag, I'd say here are some of the things that I think are definite necessities.  Find a bag that is lightweight and has some pockets on the outside.  

1.  Sunscreen - I like the spray on type as it doesn't get my hands all sticky.  I do include face coverage too in a higher SPF in a cream.

2.  Bugspray - we are outdoors and ususally flying bugs around that want to suck your blood.  I love the cornstarch based spray - great protection and it smells pretty good too.

3.  Lotion - can't be having dry legs...

4.  Lipgloss/chapstick - this is an absolute mandatory item - and I can't tell you how many times I have let one of the guys on the squad use my lip balm!  

5.  Bandaids - just a couple - I like to be prepared.

6.  Pen and pencil - never know when the trapper's pen is going to run out.

7. Small Towel - especially in the summer!

8.  Rain jacket and pants - if there is even a possibility of rain, pack these both!  There is nothing worse than being wet and cold and having to finish shooting the course.

9.  Pocket knife - a girl always wants to be prepared

10. A bottle of water...or two.  Most clubs will have cold water at stations around the course and you can always refill it around the course.

Originally Published Jun. 14th 2015

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