Why Post on Gunvana

  • Wondering why you should spend your precious time posting on Gunvana?

    Here's why:

    Having a good experience at the gun counter or with a shooting coach is not a foregone conclusion. As a women wanting to purchase or learn how to use a gun, it's great to have referrals and recommendations from other women to help point us in the right direction.

    This site can help women everywhere find the right sales people, instructors,  and gunsmiths who are the best at taking care of women and getting them to the next level of gun ownership. Please do your part to refer and recommend your favorite individual in their specific area.

    Gunvana is a publishing community built to do a few very specific things, and do them very well:

    1. Give ladies a place to recommend and refer women-friendly resources in the retail, shooting, hunting and outdoor industry.
    2. Give you a place to create a shooting portfolio and tell everyone about your experiences.
    3. Give great content exposure to a growing audience.
    4. Give serious contributors a chance to improve their skills through on-site info, tutorials, and interaction with Gunvana Editors.

    Anyone can post Videos, Slideshows or Articles here.

    We would love to see an article with a slideshow full of videos and photos of women shooting #likeagirl!

    So there ya have it. It's that simple. Give GUNVANA a try. We think you'll like it.

About Gunvana

GUNVANA is a resource for connecting women who want to buy guns with women-friendly gun sales people. We are also looking for women-friendly coaches/instructors, classes, clinics, gun ranges, gunsmiths, events, competitions and hunts. The best source for that information is be women already doing all those things that want to let all the other ladies out there who they use to further their love of guns, their ownership and use of. We are building a community where anyone can create, discover, and grow. We hope you'll join us on our adventure.

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