NSCA Level 1 Instructor Course from Rick Smith

Rick will keep you entertained an on track in this instructors class!


My goal is to get as many women shooting as possible.  To help make that happen, I decided to take my NSCA Level 1 Instructors Course to become a certified Sporting Clays instructor.  To find a course, you can go to the NSCA website at and select the tab for instructors.  They are held throughout the year and all across the country.  Being in Atlanta, I decided to go to Spartanburg, SC and the Spartanburg Gun Club to take from Rick Smith, a level III instructor.

The first day we had classroom time, and then in the afternoon we went out as a class through the course and shot some targets and got some pointers from Rick.  The next morning - Saturday, we had students for a few hours that we took through the course and found good novice targets for them to shoot and for us to hone our teaching skills.  Sunday morning we also had students.  Both days, Rick Smith evaluated us for our communication, ability to take the shooter to the next level and implementing the skills we had learned in class.  

I enjoyed Rick's teaching method, he is a good communicator and keeps the class moving.  He also has a great passion for Sporting Clays and that shows.  I would highly recommend taking this class from Rick Smith if you are looking for an instructor.

Originally Published Jul. 14th 2016

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