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I just bought a SAKO .338 lapua for my husband from August Crocker at August Guns (  This was on the very top of my husbands wish list for a long time and I wanted to make it a surprise.  I live in California where the worst gun laws and ignorance about guns by the government exists! So needless to say I wanted to make sure I bought from someone who understood the California laws and how to transfer the gun to Cali. I also wanted someone I could trust.  August IS that dealer! I have known August for about 3 years. He has a good reputation, immense knowledge on buying and selling guns, and is VERY understanding and patient with someone like me who doesn't understand guns or the process.  He walked me through the process, answered my nine million texts and calls and took care of everything.  He helped me to pull off the surprise and got it there a day earlier than I had expected.  My husband was in shock that "I" ;) was able to pull this off.  If it wasn't for August I wouldn't have! August has a niche and IS very knowledgable on selling to California.  Also as a women, I felt in great in hands working with August.  He is kind, patient, and honest! My husband and I WILL be referring him to all our Cali gun buddies and buying in the future from him.

Originally Published Mar. 10th 2015

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